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marzo 29, 2021

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Sinopsis de MAKE THE LEAP

What is world-class leadership and how do we live it? In Make the Leap, he shares the answers gained from his own leadership journey with some of the world s most influential companies. In this autobiography, Skaug, a native of Norway, recounts a lifetime of adventures that began with crisscrossing the globe solo as a child. It later included intense negotiations with the Teamsters union in the United States and rebuilding a shipping company that had lost much of its senior management in a shocking airplane crash. It didn t take me long to realize that if a manager wants to achieve results, he must dare to fail, Skaug writes. With great candor, thoughtfulness, and insight, he closely examines the successes and failures from his own career – offering readers not only a compelling story of a life in global business but also the benefit of hard-won leadership wisdom.
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