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abril 6, 2021

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Sinopsis de WELL NOW!

It has never been more confusing for Americans to navigate their health care. Juggling the complexities of insurance, coordination of care and treatments from various providers and specialists as well as skyrocketing medical costs, leaves most of us confused and frustrated. In Well Now!&nbsp,Dominic Gaziano, M.D., director of the Body and Mind Medical Center in Chicago, offers practical strategies to keep yourself healthy and, when necessary, engage effectively and efficiently with the health-care providers and systems you need&mdash, getting more out of your appointments and visits, better treatment and even lower medical bills.&nbsp, You&rsquo,ll learn how to practice self-health, research your symptoms online, find appropriate holistic and over-the-counter remedies, find the right doctor, communicate your symptoms to professionals, decide which type of care you need, budget for your health, find the right insurance, and so much more. Well Now!&nbsp,is your essential guide to better health and more effective health care._,
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